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About Us

We’re Dan, Seb and Todd, three brothers who are filmmakers, just like yourselves.


From short films to features, live action to animation, we’ve worked on a variety of projects that range from major studios to our own original passion pieces. We’re crazy about films and just as importantly, emerging filmmakers.

We know how hard it is to be successful in this industry, whether you’re just starting out or looking to add to your portfolio, which is why it’s so important to encourage community and help each other out. Funding is vital for creating a film but it can be near impossible to achieve alone... so we're here to help.

No more time consuming application forms or stress of running a crowdfunding campaign, no more missed deadlines and no more competing against 1000's of scripts! 

Our three tiers of competitions have a maximum number of entries, giving you a choice of how many scripts you'd like to go up against. Our structure ensures that we can help fund more projects throughout the year, giving filmmakers greater control and fairer opportunities. As soon as the maximum number of entries for one tier is reached, a new one immediately opens so that nobody misses out and we can generate continuous chances for filmmakers to win funding.

We believe that the best stories deserve to be told properly. Funderstruck is here to bring those stories to life by helping more filmmakers get the funding they need and deserve.

How it works

Signup and create a profile
Select which competition you want to enter
Upload your script
Pay the entry fee
You will hear back from us within three months of your submission
Finalists will then be announced and will be asked to provide a budget breakdown (we can provide you with a budget template if required)
Winner is announced and awarded prize money to go towards making their short film


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Corona Update

Due to the ongoing Corona Crisis Funderstruck do not expect any winning films to begin production until after things have started returning to normal

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